Week 1 Orientation

Although we are all doctors, DOs and MDs, I honestly still feel like a student. Unqualified for the title that now lives after my name. We have our own nurses in clinic now? And medical students that follow us around and ask us questions? Really? Me? I am qualified to ask these people to help me do things and teach some of them? Are you sure? I don’t even feel like I know anything.

Starting residency feels like Day 1 of school all over again. You leave your groups of friends that you became close with and saw all the time for the past 4 years. All the faces in front of you are new and you will be spending the next 4 years with them. 

My first thoughts? I hope I don’t screw this up. Otherwise it will be a long, difficult four years. 

The lunch we had on the first day with the residents and some attendings was probably the most awkward. I still felt like I was on interviews. Making proper small talk with the other “applicants” aka my co-interns and talking to the other residents but not really wanting to say anything too crazy. I must have answered the question “So where are you living?” 10 times during that lunch. But this also might just be me. I’m super introverted before I really meet people or know them well. And I’m probably quite cautious as well. 

To be honest, I was more than a little bit concerned about moving to a new city on my own. True, I was very excited to be living alone for the first time and start the true “growing up” process, but I had seen that I was one of the two people that was going to be solo there. Out of 10 residents, 7 are married, 1 will live with her boyfriend and that leaves me and the other intern. Solo. So many things ran through my head after finding out. Odd one out. 17th wheel. Would there be anyone to hang out with? Lonely. 

To my surprise, it has been absolutely wonderful. This longer than normal orientation has allowed us all to bond and chat and share thoughts on a daily basis. We’ve even gone out together some with their SOs, some without and I honestly had a great time. 🙂

I love my class so far. Everyone is so diverse, so friendly, funny, warm. Of course we haven’t really had the chance to start getting on one another’s nerves, but so far, so good. I’m really happy to be where I am. And I feel lucky that I am a part of such a wonderful intern class. 

One more week of orientation for further bonding, before the real work begins! 

I hope to try to keep this blog as a mix of DIY/Pinterest quests and residency journal. Don’t know how interesting the residency part will be, but it’ll be a good log for me. 🙂

Oh. Also. I love my studio. I love living there! Being alone takes some getting used to, but I am growing to like it. It’s only 577 sq ft, but I honestly feel like that’s all I need. I’m really only in a couple places ever.

(1) the kitchen table/desk

(2) the bed

(3) bathroom

(4) closet

(5) kitchen for fooding.

I’m actually not really ever sitting in the chairs I bought in front of the coffee table and TV. So I bet even if I had a separate bedroom and living room, I wouldn’t utilize that very much. Plus, this allows me to have a lot less furniture. The only issue is storage. There isn’t as much space to put things like dressers, bookshelves, etc to store…stuff.

I do love it though. It’s quiet! Unlike my last apartment. Walls were way too thin, could hear everything. Either the insulation is excellent, or I just have awesome neighbors.


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