Worth the read. PROMISE!

This is super long. But I encourage you to read it! It’s extremely interesting. And partially the reason that I deactivated my own Facebook account a couple months ago. And to be honest, I feel much happier and more connected now than I did before. I don’t know what people’s lives are like, they don’t know what mine is like, I end up calling/skyping more, chatting more, etc. More direct contact. And it’s helped divide those “friends” from FRIENDS. 

The Atlantic – Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?

It’s also not concentrated solely on Facebook. Talks about social media in general, human characteristics and how social media may amplify those. Love this quote. Because I saw it being displayed more and more before I quit FB.

“Facebook users have higher levels of total narcissism, exhibitionism, and leadership than Facebook nonusers,” the study’s authors wrote. “In fact, it could be argued that Facebook specifically gratifies the narcissistic individual’s need to engage in self-promoting and superficial behavior.”

Anyways, if you have some spare time, give it a whirl. Even just 5 minutes of reading. 

Love articles like this that make you think. Credit to blee for it. 🙂


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