First of the year~

Let’s see if I can get back into this blogging business a bit more.


Went on my second vacation of the year last weekend to the Smoky Mountains! I love love mountains. So beautiful…but I don’t think I could ever truly live there. The altitude, the ups and downs, I get motion sickness easily and those curves and bumps would bring it out quite easily.

Stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast in Newport, TN, The Christopher Place.  It was our first time staying somewhere other than a commercial hotel and we loved it! The place is much quieter, more intimate and more romantic. We had three meals there, all were delicious. Breakfast was served at a time of our choosing between 8-10am either in their breakfast area or in our room. I’m not usually a big breakfast person, but if it regularly tasted the way they served, I definitely could start eating it more often.


There also is a beautiful view of the mountains right behind the property, perfect for sunset or sunrise.


The owner of the property was always present and made sure that we were enjoying our experience. They also have great specials which are always available on their site including two-night and three-night getaways with a 4 course dinner and daily breakfast included! I would definitely check it out! After the two nights we spent there, I think I will definitely be looking into more bed and breakfasts to stay at in the future!

Also for the first time ever, I filed my taxes. Can’t say I really knew what I was doing, but since I don’t have much else going on for me as a single, non home-owning person with no dependents, it didn’t seem like it would be too bad. Used H&R Block which really did make it very simple. Hopefully I will be receiving a good bump from tax returns to buffer my spending!

I can’t believe intern year is almost over. Not exactly, still have 3 good rotations to fit in before I can say I’m not an intern anymore – and have to change the byline under my blog, but still! This is crazy. We’ve matched 10 new interns! Already working on our schedule for next year!

Happy PI day and happy five year anniversary with my ZJL.


 So cheesy. It makes even me want to throw up. Vomit from my eyes.