Liu Xiang 2012 Olympics


I was devastated to learn that Liu Xiang did not make the comeback he had hoped this year at the London’s Olympics. Haven’t had time to watch the Olympics this year. Also don’t have any TV hook up here, but that’s another topic.

Had no idea about what actually happened during his event until I looked a little deeper.

It’s an amazing story and it really exemplifies what I believe is what the Olympics are all about. You don’t always win. And you will be upset when something goes wrong. He fell, clearly was heartbroken and hopped off the track, probably too proud and upset to sit in the wheelchair on the side. But then as the true athlete he is, he headed back to the track, still hopping mind you, and finished the event, hopping the whole way. And not only that, the other competitors came over and supported him off the track. And the crowd cheered for him.

Brought tears to my eyes.

He ruptured his Achilles tendon and had surgery today. I truly hope to see him compete again.